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Lowdown, for fans.

We might be living in the digital age, Web 3, but has anyone really found a new way of presenting live sport on a mobile platform? 

We have and it's called Crrrunchtime.

Whether it’s penalty shootouts, the dying minutes of an NBA game, tennis tie breakers, dramatic comebacks, bases loaded, sudden death in golf, finals seconds of a Rocket League epic, you name it, any sport, any dramatic moment, Crrrunchtime will tune you to into the live action moments before it all begins to play out.

Here's how it works.


Say it's the Champions League final between PSG and Manchester United. You don't support either team, may not even know who PSG is or be a football fan, your at work, it's the middle of the night.... for what ever reason you're not going to watch the game.

Then Crrrunchtime pings you a text message, to let you know the match has gone into a penalty shoot out - and - best of all gives you the option to watch the action, live, then and there.

You can choose to watch from someone's mobile at the game, the official broadcast or live radio feed.

Emotion filled, live drama, delivered when it's irresistible and at it's most valuable. Soak it in and move on with your scrolling.

You might not know your Arsenal from your tennis elbow, but do you get caught up in the excitement of a penalty shootout, an OT, a match point, extra innings? Of course you do. Doesn’t everyone?

Crrrunchtime is tailor made for life in the mobile lane and for anyone who enjoys the thrill of live drama, committed sports fan or not. 

The Lowdown for fans and fan-casters -
NFT Marketplace
Anyone who records and streams a Crrrunchtime moment can sell that moment on the Crrrunchtime NFT Marketplace.

Crrrunchtime moments are 
the ultimate in scarcity - exclusive, one time only footage of memorable drama that no one can replicate.

Crrrunchtime NFT's are not your regular 
broadcast footage pimped up to seem exclusive - Crrrucntime NFT's are exclusive, scarce, true one off's... with real long term value.


.....and hiring, raising capital, hunting for fans who'd happily hold their mobiles up at games so we can tune the world into Crrrunchtime drama, working to convince rights holders that their sports would benefit from selling small, explosive chunks of drama than full games, looking for likes and ideas.

Feel free to say hi if you're intersted in anything to do with Crrrunchtime.

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